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About Me

Caleb Grant

I am a skilled professional in Python, SQL, web design, and data engineering, bringing a robust skill set in coding, database design, data modeling, data pipelines, and analytics. I am passionate about leveraging environmental data to uncover meaningful insights and drive impactful results. With a deep understanding of the data and processes in this field, I am confident in my ability to achieve exceptional results.

Go Cougs!



The Marine Energy Environmental Toolkit compiles environmental information for development of marine energy-harvesting technologies. Funded by US DOE.

Coastal Morphometric Analysis Toolkit

Dashboad that allows users to create visualized time series of coastal profiles and view along-coast variations and changes through time, with accompanying morphometric statistics.

Patent Pending


Personal Toolkit

Personal Toolkit where I store useful information, resources, tools, and code snippets I use on a regular basis.



Community driven story building app to inform offshore energy planning.


CTD Data Viewer

Pipeline for transforming CTD data to NetCDF and running quality assurance checks, plus a simple data viewer for displaying output.



Upsert data into PostgreSQL base tables.


Spatial Environmental Assessment Tool

QGIS plugin for calculating response layers from a from stressor and receptor layers.


Substance Registry Service CAS RN Search

Query the EPA Substance Registry Serivce using a list of CAS Registry Numbers.


Convert Markdown to HTML with GitHub styling

Small utility for converting markdown documents to HTML with GitHub styling.